Address : Çobanlı İnşaat & Taahhüt, İsmet İnönü 2. Cadde, No: 115/A, Uluönder Mahallesi, Tepebaşı, Eskişehir, Turkey
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Being an experienced construction company, we can have your project completed more durable and meanwhile cheaper then you could imagine. Please fill in the form bellow to get a free quote, we will calculate the overall cost of the project. Please fill in all the information, or better why not give us a call? .


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apartment landscape gardening and zoning drainage
villa swimming pool natural gas
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hotel repair concrate works, molding and framing
hospital additional building plaster
private school additional construction plasterboard
business center sewer network suspended roof, ceiling floor
commercial building drinking water carriage network decoration
other construction request for construction machinery supporting wall
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Our Quality Policy

Çobanlı construction accepts projects that are beneficial for the society, nature. We build durable, strong and functional constructs (as well as pure aesthetical ones such as monuments and sculptures. We start by determining the clients needs and finding the best, appropriate solution in accordance, to do so, we are working with a capable, talented and experienced work force, using durable, strong and efficient equipment. Our machinery and supplies fits and exceeds the standards and keeps the quality eminent at all stages of service. We work with national and international standards, giving importance to health of workers, nature and environment and robustness of the work. We complete our tasks and duties in time or in advance plus Çobanlı construction provides service warranty in our constructions. We are happy to keeping the satisfaction of our customers continuous.

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