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Welcome to Çobanlı Construction Company. Our company is experienced in building and infrastructure construction. You can have price offer and bids for all your construction projects* all around the world.


Infrastructure: Wastewater Main Pipelines, Wastewater Network, Care of Buildings from Underground Waters, Pipelines (Natural Gas, Petroleum, etc.), Breakwaters, Drainage Systems, Infrastructure works of Electrical Installations, Infrastructure works of Electronic Installations, Airport Facilities, Drinking Water Pipelines, Drinking Water Distribution Systems, Pipelines, Sewage Pipelines, Sewage Networks, Canals, Urban Infrastructure, Runways, Aprons and Taxi Tracks, Water & Wastewater Distribution Networks, Rain Distribution Networks, Irrigation Projects, Irrigation and Drainage Systems, Dredging and Reclamation, Infrastructures of Holiday Villages and Hotels, Wastewater Pipelines, Building:, Shopping Arcades/Centers, Turnkey Projects, Memorial Constructions, Warehouses, Repairs, Landscaping, Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Mosque Constructions, All Type Steel Structures, Decoration, Industrial Construction Works, Old Ottoman Houses Restorations, Excavation, Hangars and Workshops, Hospitals and Medical Buildings, Airport Facilities, Ready-Mix Concrete Plants, All Types of Steel Structures, Marketing of Construction Machinery, Quays, Business Centers, Operation and Marketing, Quality Expertise and Auditing, Residential Complexes, Housing, Harbors, Restaurants, Canteen and Dining Halls, Luxury Apartments and Villas, Engineering and Professional Service, Museums, Schools, Universities, Organized Industrial Areas, Industrial Facilities, Car Parks, all types of Parking Constructions, Culture centers, Petrol Stations, Runways, Aprons and Taxi Tracks, Prefabrication, Project Management, Restoration, Recreation Areas, Renovation, Residences, Sport Centers, Technological Construction, Commercial Buildings, Dockyards, Holiday Villages and Hotels, Tourism Investments, Fuel Storage Stations, Marketing of Construction Materials, Highways and Bridges.


We build every possible construction, from airports to swimming pools and from steel-constructions to wooden houses and from infrastructure to monuments. While we do so we focus on quality and efficiency of the work that is done. We always finish your projects on time and at the same time we seek excellence in our constructions. To achieve this quality we have developed a quality policy and adapted the international standards.

We are interested in building all kinds of constructions; the size of the work is not a problem. As an illustration, in infrastructure, you may contact us for either 1 kilometer or 1000 kilometers of work. We may build you a house or we may build you a residential-site consisting of thousands of houses. We can build your swimming pool or we may build you a five-star hotel with an Olympic swimming pool. In all our constructions, we provide you a wide selection. For instance, we may build your construct with steel, wood, concrete, bricks or glass. In addition, what we build will be durable and long lasting. Therefore, what we build becomes cheap in the long run. This is how we have a good “cost/performance” percentage. A good “cost/performance” percentage means that you will pay less for your building-construct in the long run. As an illustration you need an infrastructure network, if we build your network, it will last long time before it gets broken and therefore without paying any extra money, you will be able to use your infrastructure for a long period of time. In order to provide you this, we use high-tech, pressure, temperature, mositure and quake resistant, durable materials while we build your constructs.

We believe that providing warranty is as important as “finishing the job”, therefore we also provide service guarantee. We are able to do so because we believe in what we build. We give gurantee because what we build is really reliable, strong and long lasting. What makes us believe in our constructions? First, we study; we examine the ground and all the variables, we create and plan good projects. Supported by deep studies, we provide strong and robust projects. We employ specialist and experienced staff who are really experts in their fields. In every different project, we provide unique solutions. These also let us to offer professional project management and supervising.

* Starting from 10.000 TRY for Turkey, and 100.000 EURO for rest of the world.

Our Quality Policy

Çobanlı construction accepts projects that are beneficial for the society, nature. We build durable, strong and functional constructs (as well as pure aesthetical ones such as monuments and sculptures. We start by determining the clients needs and finding the best, appropriate solution in accordance, to do so, we are working with a capable, talented and experienced work force, using durable, strong and efficient equipment. Our machinery and supplies fits and exceeds the standards and keeps the quality eminent at all stages of service. We work with national and international standards, giving importance to health of workers, nature and environment and robustness of the work. We complete our tasks and duties in time or in advance plus Çobanlı construction provides service warranty in our constructions. We are happy to keeping the satisfaction of our customers continuous.